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PhD Theses

XXX Cycle  

Corizzo Roberto

Title: Predictive Models For Streams Of Sensor Data

Supervisor: Prof. Michelangelo Ceci


Pazienza Andrea

Title: T-BWAF: A New Integrated Framework To Handle Bipolar,Weighted And Trusted Information In Abstract Argumentation With Efficient Computational Procedures And Applications

Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Ferilli


Polignano Marco

Title: An Affect-Aware Computational Model for supporting decision-making through Recommender Systems

Supervisor: Dr. Marco de Gemmis


Vergari Antonio

Title: Tractable Probabilistic Models for Representation Learning

Supervisor: Prof. Floriana Esposito

Co-Supervisor: Dr. Nicola Di Mauro

XXIX Cycle

De Candia Salvatore

Title: Recent Developments on the Theory of Slant Submanifolds

Supervisor: Prof. Maria Laura Falcitelli


Fiorentino Michele Giuliano

TitleProperties Of Classical Differential Geometry For Camera Calibration In Computer Vision

Supervisor: Dr Faggiano Eleonora

Co-Supervisor: Dr. Pernici Federico


Pesare Enrica

Title:  Smart Learning Environments For Social Learning: Detecting Engagement In Online Communities

Supervisor: Prof. Teresa Roselli

Co-Supervisor: Prof. Demetrios G. Sampson


Serafino Francesco

TitleStructured Output Prediction in Network Data

Supervisor: Prof. Michelangelo Ceci


Vessio Gennaro

Title: Analysis of Properties of Complex Systems with Abstract State Machines

Supervisor: Prof. Alessandro Bianchi


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