PhD Students

Surname & Name  Graduation day  Thesis title Supervisor Co-supervisor(s)
de Candia Salvatore  28/4/2017  Recent Developments on the Theory of Slant Submanifolds  Prof. ssa Maria Laura Falcitelli  
Fiorentino Michele Giuliano  26/10/2017   Properties Of Classical Differential Geometry For Camera Calibration In Computer Vision  Dr.ssa Faggiano Eleonora  Dr. Pernici Federico
Pesare Enrica  28/4/2017  Smart Learning Environments For Social Learning: Detecting Engagement In Online Communities  Prof. Teresa Roselli  Prof. Demetrios G. Sampson
Serafino Francesco  28/4/2017  Structured Output Prediction in Network Data  Prof. Michelangelo Ceci  
Vessio Gennaro  28/04/2017  Analysis of Properties of Complex Systems with Abstract State Machines  Prof. Alessandro Bianchi