Students admitted to the XXXIII cycle starting in November 2017

For a position reserved for graduates for foreign Universities, the winner is:


For the other positions, the admitted students are:

VENTOLA Fabrizio Giuseppe
GIRARDI Giovanni
RUSSO Ernesto Rosario
VERARDI Loredana
COLIZZI Lucio Nicola

The first five students are the winner of a fellowship from the University of Bari. 

The student RUSSO Ernesto Rosario is the winner of a higher education apprenticeship contract by Exprivia S.p.A.

The remaining students will possibly get a fellowship for research projects carried out in cooperation with private companies. The availability of such fellowships should be communicated later. 



Call for Admission to the XXXIII cycle of the three-year PhD Programme starting in November 2017

The deadline for application is September 5th 2017, at noon (Italian time).

To see the official call click here. However, it is suggested to first read the message below from the PhD Coordinator.


Message from the PhD Coordinator Prof. Maria Francesca Costabile

As Coordinator of the PhD Programme on Computer Science, I will be happy to help any candidates who wish to apply for admission to the PhD Programme, which offers a total of 8 positions of different types. Additional positions will be available later in the fall, for research projects carried out in cooperation with private companies.

For the XXXIII cycle, 2 positions are reserved for graduates from foreign Universities. The selection procedure is based on both the evaluation of the documents presented by the candidate, which must include the short description of a project, and an interview via Skype.

The selection procedure for the other positions is based on the evaluation of the documents presented by the candidate and on the results of both a written exam and an oral exam. Foreign candidates can give both exams in English.

For more details about the available positions and the admission procedure click here.

For guidelines on how to apply to the PhD Programme on Computer Science and Mathematics, click here.


If you need further information, please feel free to email me at

The month of August is mostly vacation time in Italy. The Computer Science Department will be closed from Aug 7th to Aug 18th. During this month, I will stay connected but maybe not immediately reactive, especially during the week from Aug 14th to 18th.

Between August 21st and 25th, you may also call Dr. Tina Caruso at +39 0805442305, preferably between the hours of 10am and noon.

Between August 29th and September 5th, you may also call Mrs. Marcella Cives at +39 0805443275, preferably between the hours of 10am and noon. 

Thank you for your interest in the PhD Programme in Computer Science and Mathematics. We hope to welcome you soon at the University of Bari.


Maria Francesca Costabile