Study plan

The study plan includes:

1. INDIVIDUAL RESEARCH, guided by at least one Tutor, which culminates with the defense of an original PhD dissertation. The Doctorate Committee appoints one Tutor for each student. In some cases, a second Tutor may be appointed. Students will have daily contact with the research group within which they are placed. In addition, they should expect a formal meeting with their Tutor(s) at least once a month.
All research students will present their research regularly throughout their studies in seminars, annual reviews, summer schools, and research conferences both in Italy and abroad. Students will get some funding to attend conferences and workshops.

2. BASIC COURSES (5 credits), a common core for all the PhD students, whose aim is to study in depth the paradigms (theoretical, experimental, etc.) used in the Mathematics and Computer Science disciplines for knowledge progress.
For the XXXII cycle, the following basic course has been activated:
Project Management (5 credits); Teacher: Prof. Danilo Caivano (see course schedule below).

3. SPECIALIZED COURSES (35 credits), which may also include international summer schools of interest for the individual research.

4. SEMINARS on topics such as scientific research writing, research programs, knowledge sharing with industry, copyright and patents. Such seminars are part of the student education, as required in article 4, section 1 (f) ) of the 8th Feb 2013 Ministerial Decree n. 45 ("Regulations concerning ... criteria for the creation of  PhD courses by registered institutions”). See SEMINAR schedule below.

For the accademic year 2016/2017, the following SPECIALIZED COURSES have been offered:

The SPECIALIZED COURSE schedule and the SEMINAR schedule can be seen here.