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Admission exam


  • Admission exam for graduates at Italian and foreign Universities

The applicants are evaluated on the basis of: a) the documents presented with the application, b) an oral exam that also includes the assessment of the applicant’s knowledge of English and the discussion of  a research project (written in English, max 500 words) presented with the application.The exam, which will be in English or Italian depending on the applicant’s choice. 


Admission exam date and time:
Oral exam: 29 July 2022 at 10:30 am.
Exam venue: Sala Consiglio on the seventh floor of the Computer Science Department.
Where it is not possible to do it in person, candidates may request to the commission to do it remotely at least three days before the test.



The admission exam has to achieve two main goals: 

1. to test the competence of the candidate in a number of areas of either Computer Science or Mathematics 

2. to evaluate the attitude and the potential of the candidate in carrying on research. 

The oral exam, which includes questions on topics that are part of the courses of the bachelor degree ("laurea triennale" in Italian) in either Computer Science or Mathematics, depending on the interest of the candidate. 

For the positions related to fellowships that might be offered by companies on a specific project, the candidate will be also asked questions on topics of the specific project.



 The topics of the questions (for graduates at Italian Universities as well as at foreign Universities) can be in the following areas of Mathematics: 

• Algebra 

• Geometry 

• Complementary Mathematics

• Mathematical Analysis 

• Probability and Mathematical Statistics 

• Mathematical Physics 

• Numerical Analysis 


as well as on the following areas of Computer Science:

• Theoretical computer science
• Computer architecture and operating systems
• Automata, formal languages and compilers
• Database systems
• Software engineering
• Artificial Intelligence
• Programming languages and paradigms
• Computer networks
• Human-Computer Interaction


 Admission exam syllabus for Computer Science

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