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Study Plan and Courses 2020-2021

For the PhD students of the cycle XXXVI, the study plan includes:

1. INDIVIDUAL RESEARCH, guided by at least one Tutor, which culminates with the defense of an original PhD dissertation. The Academic Board appoints one Tutor for each student. In some cases, more Tutors may be appointed. Students will have daily contact with the research group to which they belong. They should expect a formal meeting with their Tutor(s) at least once a month.
All PhD students will present their research regularly throughout their three years of the programme in seminars, annual reviews, summer schools, and scientific meetings both in Italy and abroad. Students will get some funding to attend scientific schools, conferences and workshops.

2. SPECIALIZED COURSES, of 1, 2 or 3 credits, for a total of 15 credits to be acquired in the first two years (each credit corresponds to either 8 hours of lectures or 15 hour of practice). The student chooses the courses of interest to be attended on each one of the first two years; four of such courses, for at least a total of 8 credits, require a final exam to be given by the end of the second year of the PhD Programme. By the end of the first year, the student has to pass at least two exams. The specialized courses may also include international schools of interest for the individual research.

3. SEMINARS on various topics, to be attended during the three years of the PhD Programme, for at least 40 hours: a) 10 hours on topics
related to advanced information technology; b) 10 hours on scientific research writing; c) 20 hours on topics related to research programs,
knowledge sharing with industry, copyright and patents. Such seminars are part of the student education, as required by article 4, section 1
(f) ) of the 8th Feb 2013 Ministerial Decree n. 45 ("Regulations concerning ... criteria for the creation of  PhD Programmes by registered institutions”).


The following is the list of the specialized courses offered for the accademic year 2020/2021.

  • An invitation to noncommutative Probability (2 CFU, 16 hours, course period Apr-May '21), Teacher Prof. Vitonofrio Crismale.
  • An invitation to operator algebras (2 CFU, 16 hours, course period Jan-Feb 2021), Teacher Prof. Stefano Rossi
  • Big Data Analytics (3 CFU, 24 hours, course period Mar-Apr '21), Teachers Prof. Michelangelo Ceci (1,5 CFU), Prof. Gianvito Pio (1,5 CFU)
  • Bifurcation Theory: An Introduction with Applications to PDEs (2 CFU, 16 hours, course period Feb '21), Teacher Prof. Giusi Vaira.
  • Data Stream Mining (2 CFU, 16 hours, course period May '21), Teacher Prof. Gabriella Casalino
  • Deep Learning (2 CFU, 16 hours, course period Dec '20), Teacher Prof. Gennaro Vessio.
  • Ethics and AI (1 CFU, 8 hours, course period Jun '21), Teachers Prof. Maurizio Mori (4 hours), Prof. Guido Boella (2 hours), Prof. Giovanni Sartor (2 hours). The course is organised by the new Italian Society for Ethics of AI. For information:
  • Finsler Geometry and Spacetimes (2 CFU, 16 hours, course period June '21), Teachers Prof. Anna Maria Candela (1 CFU), Prof. Miguel Ángel Javaloyes (1 CFU), Universidad de Murcia, Spain.
  • Geometric structures on homogeneous spaces (2 CFU, 16 hours, course period May-Jun '21), Teacher Prof. Giulia Dileo.
  • Human-Computer Interaction for AI (3 CFU, 24 hours, course period Jan-Feb '21), Teachers Prof. Rosa Lanzilotti (1 CFU), Prof. Berardina De Carolis (1 CFU), Prof. Giuseppe Desolda (1 CFU)
  • Introduction to Differential and Algebraic Geometry of Twistor Spaces (3 CFU, 24 hours, course period May '21), Teacher Prof. Amedeo Altavilla
  • Sustainability - Modules 1 e 2 (1 CFU, course period May 21), Coordinators Prof. Giuseppe Pirlo and Prof. Elvira Tarsitano.
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