PhD Programme in Computer Science and Mathematics

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The Doctorate Programme includes 2 curricula: Computer Science and Mathematics.

The Computer Science curriculum is supported by 16 teachers, belonging to the Computer Science Department, while the Mathematics curriculum is supported by 11 teachers belonging to the Mathematics Department and 1 teacher belonging to the Physics Department.

Curriculum 1: Computer Science

 Scientific Disciplinary Sector (SDS)  SDS Name          Selective Evaluation Macro-sector  National University Council Areas
 INF/01  Computer Science  01/B - COMPUTER SCIENCE  01 - Mathematical and Informatics Sciences
 ING-INF/05 Information Processing Systems       09/H - COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGINEERING  09 - Industrial and Information Engineering

Curriculum 2: Mathematics

 Scientific Disciplinary Sector (SDS)  SDS Name    Selective Evaluation Macro-sector  National University Council Areas
 MAT/05  Mathematical Analysis        01/A - MATHEMATICS  01 - Mathematical and Informatics Sciences
 MAT/06  Probability and Mathematical Statistics        01/A - MATHEMATICS  01 - Mathematical and Informatics Sciences
 MAT/08  Numerical Analysis  01/A - MATHEMATICS  01 - Mathematical and Informatics Sciences

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